Print Design
Variable Printing Design  File Preparation & Design
Printing preflight
Prevent errors that cost time and money with proper file preparation.
The earlier you bring us into a project, the more the errors that can be avoided.

Our prepress department checks your files against the specifications to catch any potential errors. These include proper font and image links, reviewing color space, checking image quality, panel sizes and bleed. If you’re already working with a designer or marketing consultant, please let us know, we’ll work together.

Print Design
At Printing Partners, we have creative people with specific knowledge of our equipment, to effectively bring your vision to life. From typesetting a newsletter, designing marketing materials, or to help develop a personalized variable print campaign, we have the experience and tools to ensure your success. We have several personalization and printing techniques that can be tailored to your budget.

Variable Printing Design
You understand your audience. We understand the variable printing process. Together, we have the tools and knowledge that will make your message relevant and effective. We have a number of personalization and printing techniques that can be tailored to your budget. To learn more about our equipment, visit our digital area or contact our sales staff. At Printing Partners, we turn marketing challenges into enjoyable and profitable experiences.


We are experts in printing, finishing, personalization and cost-management.

Let us put this knowledge into your designs.

Once your file is ready for print, we provide multiple options in proofing, depending on your printing method, to ensure your project meets your expectations.

PDF Electronic Proof
We provide a PDF proof for all projects to ensure all the elements are in place before proceeding to the next step. Proofing electronically provides a virtual look at your project before there is significant material cost in production.

Digital Printed Proof
We provide as an option, a digitally printed proof for projects that will utilize the digital printing method. The proof is a printed sheet utilizing the paper stock and the exact press the job will be run on.

Imposition Proof
The imposition proof is used for traditional printing jobs, it is a double-sided CMYK ink-jet proof, created to check the pages positioned in the pressheet layout. Although the imposition proof is not intended as a proof for final color, it produces an accurate physical representation of the printed piece, along with basic color proofing for a job.

Matchprint Proof
The matchprint proof produces accurate colors by using G7® color profiles for traditional jobs. With the industry-standard color profile, we can guarantee that the CMYK color you see on the proof is an accurate representation of how the color will appear the final piece. The matchprint is a single-sided proof used to proof color in conjunction with the imposition proof. In the vast majority of jobs, these are the only proofs you will need to approve before your job is scheduled for press.

Note: Our proofs are printed using CMYK. PMS colors will be close but not exact. To assure color accuracy when your job runs, you are always welcome to schedule a press check. This gives you the ability to be onsite as your job is printed to ensure the colors are what you expect. Talk with your Salesperson or Project Planner for details.
(You can read more about this in one of our blog articles. “Why don’t my PMS colors look right on my proof?”)

Proofing steps:

  • We refine each file by checking resolution, color and traps
  • We run files through our G7® color process to ensure consistent, repeatable color
  • Pages are “imposed” for print on the press sheet
  • The Imposition & Matchprint proofs are created