Printing Partners Glossary of Terms
Printing Partners  Printing Partners Glossary of Terms
Printing experience
Every industry has a collection of words that are unique. The printing industry is no exception.
We have gathered a group of what we consider to be the most important terms in printing and finishing. Hopefully you will find this glossary useful.

The following definitions are offered to provide a common understanding for phrases such as “we’ll print your brochure 4/4 work/turn with satin aqueous coating.”

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Hairline Register
Register within plus or minus a half row of dots.

A blurred effect resembling a haol, usually occuring in highlight areas or around bright objects.

Binary image in which the illusion of a range of gray tones is created by varying the size or spacing of tiny dots of uniform density.

Hard Copy
The permanent visual record of the output of a computer or printer on a substrate.

Hard Dot
Halftone dot with litte or no fringe and prints with little or no dot gain or sharpening.

Hard Proof
A proof on paper or other substrate

Hard Proof
A proof on paper or other substrate as distingushed from software which is a program for operating hardware.

Helium-Neon red laser with wavelength of 632 nm.

Head Margin
The white space above the first line on a page.

Defect on the press sheet caused by small particles of ink or paper attached to the plate or blanket.

High Contrast
A reproduction with high gamma in which the difference between light and dark is greater than in the original.

The lightest or whitest parts in a photograph represented in a halftone reproduction by the smallest dots or the absence of dots.

A property of coated paper with low ink absor[tion which allows ink set on the surface with high-gloss. Papers with too much holdout causes problems with the set-off.

Hot Type
Preparation of any printing form used to transfer multiple images from a raised surface; an example is Linotype utilizing hot lead.

Acronymn for hue, saturation and value (or brillance or luminance) - a color space used in some graphic programs.

The main attribute of a color which distinguishes it from other colors.

Water Receptive

Water Repellent

Links to other documents, Words or phrases in the document are defined so they can be selected and cause another document to be retrieved, opened, and displayed.

HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
The coding language that is used to create Hypertext documents for use on the World Wide Web.