Printing Partners Glossary of Terms
Printing Partners  Printing Partners Glossary of Terms
Printing experience
Every industry has a collection of words that are unique. The printing industry is no exception.
We have gathered a group of what we consider to be the most important terms in printing and finishing. Hopefully you will find this glossary useful.

The following definitions are offered to provide a common understanding for phrases such as “we’ll print your brochure 4/4 work/turn with satin aqueous coating.”

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Subtracting space between two characters, making them close together.

To code copy to a dummy by means of symbols, usually letters. Insertions are sometimes keyed in like manner.

The input device to input information directly into a typesetter, computer, workstation or, as a stand-alone unit, to record it in paper or magnetic tape.

An outline drawing of finished art to indicate the exact shape, position and size for such elements as half-tones, line sketchs, etc.

Kilobyte (K or kb or KB)
1024 bytes, the most common measure of computer file length.

Kiss Impression
A very light impression, just enough to produce an image on the paper.

A paper or board containing unbleached wood pulp (brown in color) made by the sulfate process.