Printing Partners Glossary of Terms
Printing Partners  Printing Partners Glossary of Terms
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Every industry has a collection of words that are unique. The printing industry is no exception.
We have gathered a group of what we consider to be the most important terms in printing and finishing. Hopefully you will find this glossary useful.

The following definitions are offered to provide a common understanding for phrases such as “we’ll print your brochure 4/4 work/turn with satin aqueous coating.”

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A clear resin/solvent coating, usually glossy, applied to a printed sheet for protection or appearance.

Laid Paper
Paper with a pattern of parallel lines at equal distances, giving a ribbed effect.

A plastic film bonded by heat and pressure to a printed sheeet for protection or appearance.

LAN - Local Area Network
Communication lin k in a localized area such as an office, building, complex of buildings or campus, with technology that provides a high-bandwidth, low-cost medium to which many computer nodes can be connected.

Laser - Light Amplification By Simulated Emission Of Radiation
The laser is an intense light beam with very narrow bandwodth used in digital-imaging devices to produce images by electronic impulses from computers or facsimile transmission.

The drawing or sketch of a proposed printed piece.

Rows of dashes or dots to guide the eye across the page. Used in Tabular work , programs, tables of contents, etc.

The distance between lines of type measured in points.

Light Emitting Diodes that are used in place of lasers for some output systems.

Ledger Paper
A grade of business paper generally used for keeping records where it is subjected to appreciable wear so it requires a high degree of durablilty and permanence.

A process that prints from a raised surface; letterpresses can also be used to number, score, perforate, foil stamp, emboss and die cut.

The placing of additional spacing between each letter of a word.

Line Copy
Any copy suitable for reproduction without using a halftone screen.

Lithographic Developer
The material used to remove the unexposed coating on a plate.

The name of a company or product in a special design used as a trademark in advertising.

Long Ink
An ink that has good flow on ink rollers of a press. If the ink is too long, it breaks up into filaments on the press, and causes flying as on a newspaper press.

Lower Case
The small letters in type, as distinguished from the capital letters.