Printing Partners Glossary of Terms
Printing Partners  Printing Partners Glossary of Terms
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Every industry has a collection of words that are unique. The printing industry is no exception.
We have gathered a group of what we consider to be the most important terms in printing and finishing. Hopefully you will find this glossary useful.

The following definitions are offered to provide a common understanding for phrases such as “we’ll print your brochure 4/4 work/turn with satin aqueous coating.”

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Vacuum Frame
A vacuum device for holding copy and reproduction material in contact during exposure.

Variable Data
Data that changes from page to page in a digital printing operation.

Clear coat applied to an enamel sheet in-line (wet varnish) or in a separate press run after ink has dried. (dry varnish). May be flood-coat for protection or spot varnish for emphasis. Like aqueous coating, varnish is available in gloss and satin finishes. Unlike aqueous coating, varnish does not dry instantaneously. In all cases, except spot varnish, we recommend aqueous coating over varnish.

A thin, protective coating applied to a printed sheet for protection or appearance. Also, in inkmaking it can be all or part of the ink vehicle.

In printing inks, the fluid component which acts as a carrier for the pigment.

Vellum Finish
A toothy finish which is relatively absorbent for fast ink penetration.

An illustration in the the background fades gradually away until it blends inth the unprinted paper.

In printing inks a broad term excompassing the properties of tack and flow.